Jul 29, 2009

Something Toad

Inspired by my good friend, and esteemed observer, Jason Bloom's (that's right, I called you out) observation that "Something to Ad" is also "Something Toad" I have decided to search "Something Toad" through multiple engines and find out what the top search result gave me. For a little more needless enjoyment, I'm also adding in the top image results as well.

Google – A very useless blurb about someone finding a toad drinking beer in their garden. Result

Bing – A very entertaining video by Toad the Wet Sprocket (severely underappreciated) Result

Yahoo – Hmm, a software company. Could be useful if that's what I was looking for. Result

AltaVista – Some weird shopping sight. Horny Toad Scout Crop Pants? Really? Really? Result

Dogpile – Sent me to Ask.com, but Ask.com didn't even yield this result. What the hell? Result
(Image was the same as AltaVista)

Gigablast – A Wikipedia entry for some seriously weird English food. Oh how I remember my childhood summers when mom made Toad in the Hole. Delish. Result
(No image search capabilities on Gigablast)

This little experiment has also provided me with a chance to choose which search engine I prefer. I used to be a Yahoo guy because that's what my main email is through. Then I went to Google for unknown reasons. Now, my wife is in love with Bing and I have to say I'm coming around.

My conclusion*…Google sucked it. Yahoo gave me something useful, but needless to me. AltaVista is still only good for translating with Bable Fish. Dogpile is having an identity crisis. And don't even get me started on Gigablast. Bing gave me some entertainment and something I would actually watch. I guess my wife does know what she's talking about after all.

As far as the image search goes, well, let's just say they have a long way to catch up to Getty Images.

* Ask, Lyco, Netscape, and HotBot yielded similar web and image results as other larger search engines.

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