Jul 30, 2009

It's the Southwestiest

Seeming that I was so negative in an earlier posting with Jiffy Lube, I decided I have something to ad that is a little more positive…Southwest. I just flew down to Tampa on Saturday (jealous Baltimore?) and the flight was excellent.

The only semi-annoying thing was I ran late and the woman at the front counter wrestled with her jammed stapler as my bag (which was probably going to miss the flight) sat on the scale instead of being put on the conveyor belt. Other than that little quirk, I love Southwest. By the way, my bag made it on the flight safe and sound. Well, it made it on anyway. I can't attest for what BWI did to it.

I know there are a lot of people out there that hate Southwest because of claims that they herd people like cattle, but honestly they don't even really do that anymore. And seriously, that's the only true flaw anyone can point out about them.

Wanna change your seat on another airline? Woops, sorry. You're in row F, seat U. And Southwest actually gives you snacks. On a 12 hour trip to Hawaii a few years ago aboard an unnamed airline (I'm trying to stay positive) there wasn’t as much as a single peanut, and you had to ask for water.

On a Southwest flight from Baltimore to Albany (an hour flight) I get a soda and peanuts. On a Southwest flight from Baltimore to Tampa (a two hour flight) I get a soda, peanuts, and some sort of crackers. Oh yeah, and they're barely even $100 round trip (Albany is $80 right now). Cheaper and food? It's no wonder every other big airline is going under.

Southwest is so wonderful and cheery in my eyes I swear they could speak like Smurfs. "Welcome to the Southwestiest Southwest where your Southwest is always in good Southwest. How can I Southwest you today?" They even fly blue planes for chrip's sake. A bit Papa Smurf-ish, no?

Plus, you never have to walk past those damn snooty first-class people with their champagne and actual reclining seats.

And their advertising is not only the best among airlines, it's among the best period. It's always on point, downright hilarious, and they back up everything they say. And they've been doing it longer than you think.


  1. If they brought back the short skirts and knee boots they'd have my business. Besides the obvious benefits, the outfit would provide unending comic relief from the male flight attendants.

  2. If they followed the Smurf dress code, most of the flight attendants would be pants only, and they're would be one girl in a mini dress per 100 guys. That might also be a business getting gimmick.

  3. And there'd have to be a mostly bald psychotic man in an all black one-piece chasing them around with his cowardly cat. Might make for some interesting airline security video.