Jun 21, 2010

Screw 'em. Do What You Want.

Working in advertising and marketing can lead a copywriter or designer to utter self-destruction. Just think how many bosses you have as a creative—ACD, Creative Director, maybe an Executive Creative Director, those AEs that think they’re your boss, the client, the client’s boss, the client’s boss’ boss.

By the time the amazing concept you conceived and drew blood for hits the target, you can’t stand the sight of it anymore. All the life has been choked out of it. All the ideas that kept you sane have been so distorted you’re one psychotic laugh away from a straightjacket.

So, how do you maintain your sanity? Create for yourself. It doesn’t happen very often, but if you and your partner in creation can find some time among the floods of work, revisions, and mind changes, create an ad for yourself. Write what you want. Design it the way you would if it were entirely up to you. Then, pass it around. Who knows, it may get picked up. Or, it may get shot down. Either way, it’s something you’ll be proud of, and something you might even put in your book. At the very least, the fun of creating something you’re truly excited about will remind you why you love what you do.

After three months of direction changes, here’s what my designer and I did…our sanity isn’t absolute, but it’s at least balanced.

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