Jul 29, 2009

I Saw State Farm's Weiner

Everyone has their two cents to throw in the ring. Or is that a hat to put in? Either way, I've decided to give my point of view about some of the things I'm seeing out there in the ad world, be it campaign or otherwise. If it catches my attention, it's worth writing about.

The first thing I have something to ad to is State Farm's "You only get what your told" campaign created by DDB in Chicago.

A couple of months ago I was paying close attention to the NCAA tournament, as both a gambling addict and avid sports fan, and what I was slammed over the head with was this campaign State Farm was running at break neck frequency. In short, it's absolutely brilliant.

Hot Dog Vender—The first commercial I saw is my favorite. Shot by a hidden camera, a hot dog vender stands on the street obviously selling hot dogs. But that's all he truly has. No buns, no nothing. A very nice added touch is his ketchup and mustard are watered down.

Why is this spot, and its cohorts (Popsicle and car wash), so spot on? The message. It's clear and to the point—"Is your insurance company selling you a hot dog without the bun?" “a Popsicle without the stick?” or "a car wash without the rinse?” Whether or not these analogies are correct, which I think we can agree they are pretty freaking close, the message that needed to be conveyed was done so through an easy-to-understand concept and a great acting performance.

These spots have the entertainment value of a sketch show with the impact of a sledgehammer. Too bad I'm a Nationwide guy.

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